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Catering can get overwhelming and picking the right Cater in Mankato MN can be worse

Throwing a party seems simple but once you really get involved there are a lot of things that go into effect. There is a lot of planning involved. You have to take into account what the party is for, who will be attending, when its going to be, where you want to have it and so on. Once you have picked a theme, lets say office recognition for employees, you have to decide where your going to have it based on atmosphere, capacity, food and bev. availability.
Lets say you have 50 employees that work for you and they are all invited to bring there families, although they must RSVP to attend. In my experience less than 80% of invitees actually RSVP and of those who do only 80% of them usually show. Your estimating that no more than 200 people will attend. Now being its summer and people are enjoying the outdoors you decide to have an outside picnic event. You contact the rental people at Sibley park to rent a spot big enough, and next to a play ground so that the kids will have something to do. You have decided that Buster’s is going to handle your food and beverage needs because you went to a steak fry in the spring that they did and loved it.
Now you have to look at your budget for the party, this will allow you to decide what you want to serve for food and drinks. The budget allows for 10.00/person to be spent. Since it is a BBQ out side you work with the catering manager to pick a menu. Obviously steak is out of the question because its a little too expensive. For a picnic setting hamburger and brats seem like the best option. They are not that costly and should appeal to all of your guests. When choosing side options you want something that compliments your main dish. In this instance pasta salad, baked beans and potato chips all fit within your budget and leave enough left over for everyone to have a drink. Bottled water or canned pepsi products are provided. Two weeks before the party all of your RSVP’s are in and you have a guest count of 180. You then let your caterer know to adjust the menu and realize you have enough left over from your budget to order a sheet cake for desert.
Busters is supplying the grill, the disposable plates, napkins and utensils so all you have to do is decorate a little. But what are you going to do for fun? Well busters rents out bean bag toss games and you decide to set up a bean bag toss competition for your guests. We set up a service time, go over the last minute details and the day of the event are ready to go. On busters end an agenda and cost sheet must be done in order for the event to go smoothly. I put the list of what needs to be done and when and who is doing it along with explaining it to each individual. Ready, Set, Go:) Once we get to the event your job is to have fun and enjoy yourself and ours is to make sure everything goes smoothly. We serve, pack up, take care of the invoice and head back to busters. Clean up, put everything away, talk about how the event went, document and head home. We are constantly improving to make us the best cater and most affordable cater in Southern Minnesota area.
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