How to cook a Hog

Cooking a Hog

Roasting a whole hog may seem like a lot of work but once you know how to do it the process is painless. The first thing is to have a cooker big enough to handle the Hog. I recommend a cooker that has a rotating basket so the juices can flow through the meat. There is two processes to cooking a hog, Skinning the pig or Scald and Scrap the pig. I prefer to scald and scrap because it leaves the outer skin on. The benefits to doing it this way is the meat is more moist and you dont have to worry about staring your meat on fire.
The next step is to pick out your coals and wood. I cook on a bed of coals and add Apple wood to my smoker. Although adding wood is not a most it does help in the flavor of the meat and helps the cooker maintain temperature. I recommend cooking the hog for 11 to 12 hours at 250 degrees. I like to take my internal temperature up to 180 degrees. At this Temp. the meat will fall off the bones and shred nicely.
This is only one method of many out there, the best thing to do is start practicing and experimenting. I almost forgot to tell you that I also Inject my hog’s before cooking with a salty brine to give it a little more flavor

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