Decoy -April 26th

Decoy has nothing to lose playing original music
With a name like Decoy, you might expect a pop band to engage in trickery or deception to create and market their music. But there is nothing fraudulent about this Des Moines quintet or their debut album, “Nothing to Lose,” when you consider what is at the root of their open sound: original singer-songwriter tunes with a funky beat and bluesy, rock guitar.


With roots stretching from all across the country, the next big band to hit the pop/rock scene has finally come together in Des Moines, Iowa! Decoy’s limitless musical talent will take you on an amazing journey with spell-binding vocal melodies, solid groove rhythms and blues guitar leads cascading over top each instant classic song. Decoy creates its own unique sound from an eclectic mix of influences, building a live show that gets everyone in the audience dancing and singing along.

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